Herbs & Spices

White Mulberry Leaf Tea
Pure mulberry leaf is full of health benefits and has a mild cinnamon like flavor
Pure Lemon Verbena
Relaxing and refreshing Pure Lemon Verbena
Labrador tea C/S
Traditional herbal tea with flavors of camphor, cedar, and citrus
Pure Moringa Leaf
An herbaceous “superfood” herbal tea that is health boosting
Rustic Labrador Tea
Potent large leaf Labrador tea with stems and twigs. 
Nettle Leaf Tea
Pure stinging nettle leaf
Honeysuckle Flowers
Pure Honeysuckle Flower tea 
Lavender Flowers
100% pure organic Lavender tea grown in France
Eucalyptus Leaf
Pure, soothing, and pungent Eucalyptus Leaf
Chrysanthemum Tea
Delicate whole white chrysanthemum flowers
Red Raspberry Leaf
Pure raspberry leaf; a natural women’s wonder health tonic
Chickweed Leaf
Pure organic Chickweed
Dandelion Leaf
Simply pure dandelion leaf
Out of stock
Dandelion Root
Simply pure dandelion root 
Pure Guayusa
Ecuadorian leaf that is smooth and sweet that offers powerful energizing punch
Out of stock
Moroccan Rosebuds
Pure unaltered Moroccan Rose Bud tea
Rose Garden Petals
This is pure rose tea at its absolute finest
Pure Rosehips
A mild and sweet tisane packed full of vitamin C
Kuding Tea
Bitter Kuding tea is known for its numerous health benefits


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