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Monk's Blend

Monk's Blend

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Origin: India


Monk's Blend is an incredible black tea marriage that will deliver a smooth and bold, robust cup every time. Luxury organic Indian Darjeeling, keemun, Assam and nilgiri teas blended in just the right way to produce a hearty smooth tea. A bold black tea flavor that lends hints of bright and floral notes.



Organic darjeeling, keemun, assam, nilgiri black tea leaves.
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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Quality    ****  96%

Jim McCubbin

11/09/2019, 21:04

Quality    *****
This tea is delicious and very affordable. It has a fresh but bold taste, which is hard to describe. Will be keeping this in my collection.
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Tracy Simmons

10/22/2019, 14:06

Quality    *****
This tea is wonderful!! I normally get English Breakfast, and Orange Pekoe but I tried this one based on the reviews. It’s my favourite so far! Great smell, smooth, not bitter. I liked it a lot more than the dargeeling tea because it isn’t very strong. This is a great mix and makes a nice strong cup of tea.
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Cheryl Belobraydic

01/07/2019, 16:32

Quality    *****
This is one of my more affordable teas in my collection but I enjoy it immensely and I consume it regularly in my tea rotation. It is thoroughly smooth and non bitter and I easily get two or three infusions from the tea leaves.
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03/09/2016, 11:50

Quality    *****
After sipping this tea (which is the way all tea should be consumed), I can understand why the monks chose these teas to blend. A relaxing cup that encourages one to ponder the depths of the soul. An appropriate choice for "alone time" tea. A monastery beverage if there ever was one. The earthiness of this tea encourages one to get in touch with his or her Maker
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06/28/2014, 04:49

Quality    ****
The first taste was a surprising experience of delicate sweetness with none of that mouth puckering tannin. This gave way through the cup to a subtle earthiness that carried through to the end by which time it had developed a rich boldness with delicate fungi and raisin toast flavours. I mostly have this black with water after it has rested after boiling for about a minute.
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