1980's 35 Years Aged Royal Pu’erh Guangxi

1980's 35 Years Aged Royal Pu’erh Guangxi

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Origin: China


We are delighted to be able to offer you this fine aged Golden Pu'erh, as it is a rare and highly sought after limited supply. Our Aged Royal Pu’erh was grown and harvested during the 1980's - 35 years ago. Aging the tea produces unique characteristics and a smoothness that is otherwise impossible.

It produces a bold, intense earthy flavor (think fresh turned soil or top soil) with notes of cinnamon spice, leather, camphor, and bark. The tea liquor is incredibly clear and has a mouth feel of silky fullness.

For the best tea drinking experience, we recommend using a gaiwan and enjoying multiple infusions. 35 Year Aged Royal Pu’erh can be steeped at least five times without bitterness- to unlock the full depth, complexity, and maturity of the leaves.

Our 35 Year Aged Royal Pu’erh is a vintage treasure that is a must try for any tea enthusiast.


Pu'erh tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 1.5-3 minutes.


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Quality    ****  80%

GUS Castro

01/13/2019, 10:50

Quality    ****
Hello everyone, well i just got in to the teas World, im from México and all i can say about this aged tea is good so far ... taste is soft and yes smells like mud but im ok if you buy some staff that it says AGED then its Going too look and smell like old i can imagine the people to collect the leafs time and time ago to me is such an honor to try this tea im not a huge fan of teas but something happened before in my life so now i have to drink tea everyday by the way the belly detox tea is the gretest thing ever thanks tealyra
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T.k. Padilla

09/22/2018, 19:26

Quality    *****
Don't buy this stuff so I can have more for myself ; )
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Richard C.

08/02/2017, 19:31

Quality    *****
Mmmm.... so smooth, earthy with such fine character. Room temperature, nothing added -- it adds something special to the flavors of perfect, raw pecans, which I thought (for over 50 years) were one of God's unimprovable perfections.
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02/01/2017, 13:35

Quality    *****
This is the first tea I decided to drink from my new batch. It smells exactly like turning over an old piece of wood in the forest. The smell translates to a vegetal, almost broth-like, hearty smoothness on the tongue. It spent those 30 years wisely.
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01/31/2017, 08:20

Quality    *
Usually, I try to describe a tea in an objective way, since I know how subjective tastes are. Simply saying “I like it” or “I dislike it” does not really help anybody. Right? That being said, I have to say that “I immensely dislike this 1980’s Liu Bao”! The wet leaves smell like dirt. Think about the scent of wet black soil when smelt from up close. In the mouth, I had the impression of having a mouthful of very dirty water. It was disgusting. I tried to focus on the positive… but could not find any. Don’t get me wrong: I love pu’erh, and I like their earthy taste, but this one tastes like rotten dirty soil. Big difference. Is it just me? Maybe it is an acquired taste, just like gorgonzola. At $12 for 25g, I was excepting more. I am so disappointed… and I don’t know what to do with the rest of this tea. Will it be better in a few years or should I throw it in the garbage? What happened to that tea anyway?!
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