Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu'erh

Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu'erh

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Origin: China


Old Tree Yue Guan Bai, Moon Light White Pu’erh is a rare and unique white tea. Due to its production technique it is a tea which does not fall into one of the six true tea categories. Some consider it a white tea, some consider it a pu’erh. Yue Guan Bai (white moon light in Mandarin) was crafted by a Taiwanese man in Yunnan, using various tea craft production methods. Once the fresh leaves are picked; the tea is withered under the moon light until it is dry; unlike traditional pu’erh tea, which must be withered under the sun. Since it is withered for a significant time, it causes some oxidation of the interior enzymes. This unique process gives the tea liquor an aroma similar to black tea. You may be surprised to see the tea liquid becoming darker after several infusions! The dry leaf is floral, woodsy, and hay like in aroma; once steeped, the mouthfeel is almost syrupy, and there’s a slight nectar sweetness in the flavor.


White tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 190F/85C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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Quality    ****  96%

Ryan S

01/29/2020, 11:12

Quality    *****
Full-bodied, high-caffeine, floral and sweet white tea.

I use 3-4 grams in a gaiwan and I have yet to steep it enough times for it to lose flavor. There were a few occasions where it looked turbid and tasted pretty bad, but I think it may be because I took it with me on a plane.

Anyway, outstanding tea for the price.
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08/08/2019, 17:38

Quality    *****
This is an excellent white tea with malty undertones and a somewhat sweet taste and scent. I find that about 4-5 minutes steep time works best for optimal flavor. There is no bitterness with this tea whatsoever. Its has now become my primary daily tea.
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ricki b

11/08/2017, 21:42

Quality    *****
very good tea to mix up my normal pu erh. Its quite light, especially int he first steep but it has the thick mouth feel and coating of a good pu erh. It gets better with each steep and I really like the light hay / flora notes it has while steel feeling like a thicker black ripe pu erh.
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11/27/2016, 05:49

Quality    *****
Very good pu’erh. Thick in the mouth. Only the first infusion has a taste similar to white tea; the next ones taste more and more like a superior black tea without any bitterness, and with a touch of floral aftertaste and, I agree with another reviewer, with a peppery aftertaste as well. A tea I won’t hesitate to offer my friends who only drink black tea (and hopefully open-up their horizon a bit!). Reminiscent of Keemun (black Chinese tea). By mistake, I bought 100g of this one (instead of my usual 50g for a tea I never had before), but it’s not a problem!
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05/04/2016, 18:45

Quality    ****
I was quite surprised by this tea and didn't expect to be a good as it was after reading reviews from all over the internet. This tea is not bitter but has a light earthy taste with a slight peppery aftertaste. A good all day cup of tea.
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