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Qimen Mao Feng Supreme

Qimen Mao Feng Supreme

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Qimen Mao Feng Supreme is a variety of Keemun Tea, known for being more smooth and delicate than the usual Keemun offerings. Qimen Mao Feng Supreme is harvested in the traditional manner around Qingming (or the 5th of April) each year, when the buds and leaves reach the perfect pinnacle of growth. Qimen Mao Feng Supreme is comprised of slender curled, narrow leaves, together with delicate golden tips. The aroma of the dried leaves contains hints of spice, that are released while brewing to produce a fragrant aroma! Qimen Mao Feng Supreme infuses a smooth, velvety cup that is delicately sweet and has a deep, strong fruit notes without any bitterness or astringency present.

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
2 - 3 min
Black tea
July 2023
Mao Feng Premium has more flavor and is cheaper. Qimen Mao Feng Supreme is for those who want a smoother blander Keemun.
John Gulka
April 2021
I ordered this Mao Feng Supreme in 2019, so this was a different harvest than current offerings. However that was perhaps the finest Mao Feng I have had in over 20 years of drinking fine Chinese Qimen teas. While I have had this grade of Mao Feng from others, this was in a class of its own. the leaves were wrapped so tightly and thin that they appeared to be light feathers in the bag. not compressed or crushed. when infused, the leaves unfolded to full leaves, the aroma intoxicating with floral, fruit and an earthy rich base. the flavor was complex, delicate with a rich finish. that is something quite rare in teas. Each infusion from the same brew continued to release new aromas and flavors along the same profile.
this is something one does not experience in most of what we consume, except the finest aged wines. In a tea, that is extraordinary.

Bravo to Tealyra's wholesale buyers for securing and offering us this gem.

Tealyra's 2020 Mao Feng Premium is a step below this Supreme; richer and still quite fine, but not as delicate and complex. it too can be infused three to four times and still get a wonderful brew. both of these are heads and shoulders above similar grades from other retailers.
John G.
April 2021
I purchased your summer 2020 offering. This was, if not the finest, one of the top Supreme Mao Feng I have experienced in over 20 years, and after drinking many suppliers' Mao Feng of various grades.

While your Premium Mao Feng I purchased this winter is excellent, putting to shape most others graded as Premium, this Supreme is in a class of its own, above all others.

The leaves are tightly wound and feather like strands. They unfold to reveal full leaf. The aroma is complex, floral with an earthy background that does not overpower. The flavor unfolds with each infusion. Delicate, Complex Floral, fruit, and a rich backbone.
It is rare to experience this level of evolving aromas and flavors in anything we consume, except the finest properly aged wines.
But in a tea! A true delight.

Bravo to you for your buyers for their tasting and selection.
Jim Mccubbin
January 2020
Very nice tea but I prefer Mao Feng Premium as it has a stronger flavour and, because I take some tea with milk and sugar, the flavour holds better. This is subjective however and Mao Feng Supreme is very delicious and I recommend.