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Tip-Top Throat

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Soothe and coat your irritated throat with our delicate blend designed to get you in tip top shape in no time- the show must go on! Slippery elm is taken orally for healing a sore throat, and for coughs; making this herbal tea a throat soothing super tonic! Licorice root, aniseed, and cinnamon are healing anti-inflammatory herbs that are flavorful and balancing. Tip-Top Throat has a natural sweet licorice herbal flavor that lingers and refreshes as its coats your throat. Whether you’re battling allergies, cold season, or you need a regular remedy for your strained voice; Tip-Top Throat is a reliable and effective tisane. We suggest enjoying our blend hot for optimum soothing benefits.


Licorice root, raspberry leaf, aniseed, cinnamon bark, orange peel, hibiscus, slippery elm.
Caffeine Level:
Caffeine Free
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 4-5 minutes.


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Quality    *****  100%


06/14/2016, 08:00

Quality    *****
It works like magic! I was very sceptical towards the idea of a tea relieving a throat pain but it worked from the first sip. The tea is naturally very sweet so do not add any sugar or honey! It feels like it sticks to your throat and protects the affected area. Pain disappears immediately and 3-4 cups a day for 3 days helped me cure my throat infection. I have given the tea to my sick friend and it helped her as well. The tea tastes weird but still better than the usual medication one would take for a soar throat. Verdict: a life long supply in my medicine cupboard!
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Christie Lee

04/19/2016, 12:34

Quality    *****
My mouth and throat feel instant relief with Tip Top Throat. The flavor is mild- herbal with a sweet licorice taste. I feel like my throat is coated, it must be the slippery elm herb. If you need quick relief, this stuff works!
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