Lychee Jasmine Green

Lychee Jasmine Green

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Inspired by enormous Shanghai; China’s most populous city- it is ever changing, ever growing. It is a booming, fast paced modern city, yet has remained true to rich culture and to tradition- our Lychee Jasmine Green is a celebration of tradition among change! One of the more popular teas in the neighborhood is this delightful blend of Lychee and jasmine. Fragrant, floral and fruity notes of lichee fruit complement the exotic tones of night blooming jasmine flowers; two very distinctly Chinese favorites. Our green tea base has a bright flavor with touches of honey, citrus, flowers, and green apple. This inspired blend stands the test of time; it could have been enjoyed in old tea houses 40 years ago as easily as it could today at a trendy milk tea shop!


Luxury green tea, jasmine blossoms, flavor.
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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Quality    ****  87%


11/17/2019, 07:51

Quality    *****
Delicious! Very strong lychee taste, cant taste too much of the jasmine but it's definitely there in the scent. I tried it cold brewed in water with a bit of lemonade over night and it was so good very fruity.
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Andrea Lecannon

04/09/2017, 12:21

Quality    ***
I steep at the very low temp of 155° to 165°, to prevent bitterness of the tea. This tea is very difficult, even at that low temp, it can become very bitter, very quickly. If the temp is kept low, and the steep is kept to 2 minutes maximum, you may be able to get a nice subtle flavored tea. But this tea requires somewhat strict steeping rules, so not for the inexperienced to try green for the first time, I'm afraid it would turn them off to the great range of this wonderful tea.
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04/27/2016, 08:39

Quality    *****
Gentle tea with subtle jasmine and lichee flavour. Really pleasant but for 1 brewing only
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