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Lyra Glass Teapot 37 oz

Lyra Glass Teapot 37 oz

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We are excited to introduce you to our new and updated Lyra Teapot!

Modern functionality and a sleek look meet in our newly updated Lyra Teapot. Lyra Teapot is ideal for either loose tea, your favorite bagged tea or blooming teas. Lyra Teapot makes enjoying your tea effortless- whether hot, iced or cold-steeping tea! It is made with the highest quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass and is stove-top safe, which makes it ideal to boil water for steeping your favorite teas. Lyra features a comfortable rounded handle and a drip-proof spout.

Lyra’s stainless-steel lid keeps your beverage fresh longer. The design of our tall filter basket means that you can steep one cup, or a whole pot full! The large-capacity basket infuser is ultra-fine, it is a wonderful choice for your all your favorite loose leaf teas, and herbal teas.

Our Lyra Teapot is the answer to all your steeping needs, the perfect tea top for daily use!

Design features:

- Gas and Electric Stovetop safe
- Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass
- Dishwasher safe
- Tall Stainless Steel Infuser
- Drip-proof spout
- 37oz / 1100ml capacity

1100ml / 37 fl.oz
Keith Snyder
April 2022
We are really enjoying this teapot. When we saw it at first it looked like it was smaller than it should be, but once we brewed the first pot it held plenty. The only drawbacks I can spot are that I wish the spout was a bit higher on the side and that the basket had side perforations lower to the bottom. The spout being so low limits the capacity when we want to make more. Sometimes I don't want to make as much, and it seems that the band of solid metal inhibits the steeping. However, both points are minor, and we are quite satisfied overall. The glass itself seems to be more durable than the last clear glass teapot we had, so we should be able to use this one for quite a long time.
Megan R
January 2019
Love my little teapot, I use it everyday. It makes just the right amount of morning tea for my husband and I and it looks classy too. If you want something to serve more than 2 people I would go with a bigger size.
Matt White
November 2018
I love this teapot/kettle, very simple to use. :)
Matt White
November 2018
I just tried boiling water with it and it works really well. I can see the water boil which is awesome and fun to watch. :) I'm steeping tea in it later on.