rapidTEA Loose Tea Maker
Practical, fuss-free infuser for perfect tea each and everytime
teaTravel Double Wall Glass Thermos
The simple and modern way to enjoy your favorite teas on the go
perfecTEA Glass Cup Infuser
The perfect tea glass for your everyday tea drinking needs
Venus Double Wall Cup Infuser
Venus is large and double walled; perfect for steeping any tea of your choice
Peak Ceramic Cup w/ Infuser
Handsome mug that is heavy, thick walled and comes in a variety of colors
Daze Ceramic Teapot Infuser, 0.7L
Daze teapot is created with the tea lover in mind, and it is as lovely as it is practical
Drago Ceramic Teapot Infuser, 1.1L
Drago is the answer for all your teapot needs! It is as practical as it is cheerful.
La Lune Glass Cup & Saucer
Modern style and simple designed tea cup with Saucer
Galaxy Glass Teapot 1.1L
Elegant and large teapot perfect for any teas, herbal infusions and blooming tea alike
Aura Double Walled Glasses, 230ml
Aura is the perfect glassware for your beverage of choice
Lyra Glass Teapot 1.1L
Well-designed modern teapot with a sleek look.
Taurus Double Wall Glasses. 230ml
Modern style and simple designed tea glasses
Cetus Glasses w/ Silicone Band
Shapely glass set in a protective and stylish textured silicone sleeve
Press Filter Tea Maker
Practical infuser for flawless tea each and every time
leafTEA Infuser
Dainty loose tea infuser with a silicone leaf top
easyTEA Infuser
Simple and practical stainless steel tea infuser for daily use
makeTEA Infuser w/ Dish
Convenient loose tea infuser that is deep enough for even large leaf or fruit tea infusions
brewiTEA Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
Well-designed stainless steel tea infuser for daily use
Wooden Tea Spoon
A traditional wooden tea scoop that is elegant and practical
Tea Brew Fold Bags, 64 pcs
High quality fold-over disposable tea bags
Tea Brew Filter Bags, 100 pcs
Biodegradable unbleached filter made in Canada for either one cup or one teapot


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